Comprehensive Auto Electrical Servicing, Parts & Repairs.

Our aim is to provide reliable and timely auto electrical repairs and servicing to our customers with the confidence of our experience to keep you on the road safely. Our services include:


We can re-gas, maintain and repair all makes and models. We follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations and use only R134a as the replacement refrigerant for the older R12 refrigerant.


We carry a full range of batteries at competitive prices. If you're having trouble on start up or your lights are less bright than normal, contact us immediately for an inspection.


It’s important to have your alternator checked regularly. The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It sends power to essential parts of your vehicle like the headlights, the engine fan and various parts of the fuel injection system.


The starter motor engages with a gear on the flywheel of the engine, to crank the engine, in order to make it fire. If you are having unusual start up issues, it could be the starter motor, contact us for an inspection if are experiencing power drains or unusual noises.


We have a full range of LED lighting for all your vehicles needs. J Mardo can repair, replace and maintain your LED array. We also do HID conversions.


If you have a modern car, you have EFI. It is important to make sure your fuel line is clean. If you experience lack of power or irregular running it may be your EFI. Contact us for an inspection. We can also regularly maintain your EFI for clean, consistent running.


If you have a trailer we can rig it up to your car for RMS compliance and your own safety. We have connected plenty in all forms. Contact us to see how we can help.


With over 35 years of expert training and the use of latest diagnostic technology, we specialise in finding the root cause of a problem and repairing it in the shortest possible time to save you money.


Our trained technicians will first inspect your system for obvious and common faults, such as dirty contacts or a faulty switch so you won’t spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t need to be replaced. In the event that your motor does need replacing, our certified technicians will replace it for you.